Qi Restoration Soup行氣利濕燉湯

Function: Alleviate edema, Resolve dampness to move qi.

Ingredients: Radix Notoginseng, Raw and Cooked Pearl Barley, Radix Condonopsis, Wild Yam, Dried Scallop, Astragalus Root, Cordyceps Flower.

Retailer Licence in Chinese Herbal Medicines:CR-2018-00452

*The photo above is simply for reference, the real size of the object is final.

功效: 行氣利濕,健脾去水腫。

成份: 田七、生熟薏米、党參、山藥、瑤柱、山西黑頂芪、虫草孢子頭。



中藥零售商牌照 號碼:CR-2018-00452


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