What is it?

The Energy Chambers are heated rooms laid with medical stones from Inner Mongolia with extraordinary healing properties to our physical and mental body. The stones’s natural physical formation releases both infrared rays and negative ions into its surroundings to stimulate our body to perspire and detoxify naturally.

Far Infrared Rays

Far infrared rays are released in these Energy Chambers. These stones make and release the same rays that come from the sun without the UV radiation. The radiation that is infrared has long waves making it possible for the rays to go a little bit deeper into your skin without heating you and the external environment up too much. It is recommended that one do not shower after the session until two hours later because the sweat is a natural coating for the skin and hair resulting in smoother skin and silkier hair.

The Stone Chamber experience is chemical free and is a good ‘green’ alternative to detoxifying the body. It relieves stress and leaves the entire body warm, supply and light for up to several hours after the treatment.

Negative Ions

Negative ions are ions commonly found in ancient forests, coastal areas, waterfalls and places with high levels of clean air. Medical stone emits a much higher level of negative ions, far exceeding the 200 parts/cc in major urban commercial districts.

Hence a session in the Stone Chamber will equate to having spent time out in the nature and exposing ourselves to a high density of negative ions which will bring about the following benefits.

It counter negative ions and increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in higher alertness, improved concentration and memory and more mental energy. It is a Natural anti-depressant. It strengthens the immune system – promotes production of globulin in the blood and increasing immunity against illnesses.

Benefits of Stone Energy Chamber Sessions

There natural properties of the stone have many healing elements that will enhance our physical well being.

  • It helps lower Blood Pressure
  • It increases our Blood Circulation
  • Our Metabolic rate increases as our heart rate beats faster resulting in the body burning more calories
  • It strengthens the Immune and Cardiovascular system
  • Sessions gives a Deep Detoxification to our body causing a release of organic matter and metals through our sweat glands and bowel system
  • It provides Deep Pain Relief as infrared rays penetrates deep into our joints and bones
  • It improves skin elasticity, texture and wrinkle appearance.

The Stone Energy Chambers when done in conjunction with medical consultation and treatment at the centre will enhance the results and speed up the recovery of the patient.

About Stone Energy Chamber Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes conducted in Stone Energy Chambers are unique to Chain's Medicare Centre. It is offered as a means to provide holistic health benefits to its centre's clients hence all classes are designed to give therapeutic effects to the body. In our yoga classes, you will enjoy the dual benefits of the yoga postures and the far-infra-ray emission of the stones within the chamber.

These classes are conducted several times a week.

  • Yoga for Runners
  • Relax with Yin Yoga
  • Pain relief with Back, Neck & Shoulder Care Yoga
  • Core Toning for abdominal strengthening and toning

Stone Energy Chamber Yoga Fees
Per drop-in class - HK$280/class
For 10 advance classes purchase - HK$250/class

Check out our latest class schedule:
Class Schedule of 2017


To book your class, please contact us via email or telephone.

Wellness Workshops

Please check our schedule for these Wellness Workshops.

  • Herbal Health Tea & Beauty Elixirs Made Easy - We unveil the secrets and recipes to century old traditions.
  • Meditation for Kids - Increase their concentration time span and increase their memory power.
  • Music Therapy- The healing art of sound wave therapy to let go and enter a state of deep relaxation
  • Qi Gong for Better Health, Vitality & Tranquility – Experience the ancient art and science of healing: from breathing techniques, gentle movements, meditation to cleanse and the circulation of life energy (qi) within us.


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How Does The Stone Energy Chamber Work?

The Stone Energy Chamber is a relaxation and health method where guests lie on heated, body size slabs made of medical stones that are embedded in the chamber’s floor and walls while dressed in loose comfortable clothing provided. There is a locker room where you may change and deposit your clothes and belongings safely. Each customer is given a locker, and the key is given to the customer.

What Are The Benefits?

As metabolism is stimulated by the warmth and the growth rays emitted by the stones, perspiration flushes out toxins from the body. This helps reverse the degenerative effects of oxidation that ages the body, a result of prolonged exposure to plus (+) ions.

Diet-Free Weight Loss

Instead of acting on limiting the intake of energy, which most fad diets do to limited success the stone energy chamber actually improves the ability to burn energy, resulting in a more lasting and sustainable weight loss system. Working on improving the basal metabolism of your body, its ability to metabolize without exercise, instead of limiting food intake, the treatment allows for a natural weight loss that does not involve deprivation of essential nutrients.

Natural Deodorizing
Body odor is caused by organic matter found in perspiration in the sweat glands. In fact, there are two types of these glands: the primitive apocrine glands and the newer evolutionary eccrine, developed when man needed to adjust body temperatures in a changing environment. The former are concentrated in the armpit, and contain organic matter, the source of body odor. Daily perspiration training through stone chamber sessions will stimulate idle sweat glands, ideally of the eccrine kind that are equipped with an absorption function that reduces the accumulation of organic matter in sweat, therefore effectively reducing body odor.

Medical Miracles
Stone Energy Chamber sessions are documented to have alleviated symptoms of and curing the following wide range of ailments: high blood pressure, diabetes, contact dermatitis and other skin diseases; the therapy is also used to treat drug dependency, stroke patients, migraine, insomnia and improve the odds against infertility in women. It has even shown improvement in certain cancers and kidney problems. It is even safe for pregnant women in their early stages.

What Is The Stone Energy Champer Procedure?

The sessions are both simple and soothing.

Step 1:
You change into comfortable clothing provided by the centre. Take in fluids like water (which is provided for your entire treatment) in anticipation of water loss through perspiration. Spread a bath towel over the heated rock in your designated area.

Step 2:
Warming your internal organs first, lie face down for five minutes on the rocks. Then switch to the supine position (on your back) for another ten. Remember to take in fluids in between position changes.

Step 3:
Rest for ten minutes at the lounge area in between sessions. Take in lots of fluids.

Step 4:

Repeat the five minute face down / ten minute supine process three times, with a ten minute break in between. This length of time is optimal for the ideal results of the sessions.

Step 5:
We do not recommend showering until at least 2 hours after the session. We suggest you wipe your body dry and allow the released fluids to act as a natural, odorless hydrating agent for your skin. You will notice improvement in your skin texture, elascity and glow.

Do You Have Any Health Measure Or Sanitary Controls?

To ensure a thoroughly enjoyable experience, the centre provides a sanitary and secure environment. Thus, the staff patrols the room periodically and clean as they go along. Towels, clothing and the other items that have come in direct contact with customers go through complete antibacterial processing. The rooms themselves are sterilized and cleaned twice a day, in addition to disinfecting. The centre also enforces periodic bacteria inspection in the chambers and enforce complete sanitation controls.

Is The Stone Energy For Mixed Genders?

The centre has two stone energy chambers; one for males and mixed gender and the other for females only. We can also accommodate group reservations for mixed genders. There are also separate locker rooms and changing rooms for males and females.

How Warm Is The Stone Slab?

The stone is heated up to between 40-58 degree celcius. These are heated electronically from underneath the floor. It is only when the stone slabs are heated that they emit negative ions and far infrared rays.

What Are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are molecules in the air that we inhale without our knowledge and are naturally found in abundance at the beach, in the mountains, near waterfalls, and many other places that people like to go because of its soothing, feel-good effect these surroundings have upon us. Once in our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions; they break down toxins, increase levels of serotonin, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

What Are Far Infrared Rays?

Far infrared rays are waves of energy that are also emitted from the sun but are invisible to the naked eye. They penetrate the human body and are absorbed by cells causing a number of reactions such as dilation of blood vessels which improve blood circulation, speed up the metabolism and help eliminate wastes.

What Is Serotonin?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that affects multiple functions of the central nervous system (CNS) which include mood, sexuality, sleep, vomiting and appetite. Serotonin can also promote cell regeneration.



「本草綱目」和「中華本草」記載 ,麥飯石性溫﹑味甘﹑無毒。 功能解毒散結,去腐生肌,除寒阹濕,益肝健胃,活血化瘀,利尿化石,延年益壽。












  • 疲勞過度
  • 神經痛
  • 關節痛
  • 風濕病
  • 腰痛
  • 肩膀肌肉僵硬





  • 排毒瑜伽班:幫助清除身體毒素
  • 靜態瑜伽班:鬆弛身心
  • 頸背護理瑜伽班:舒緩頸背痛楚
  • 瑜伽呼吸法班:改善敏感症狀



  • 花茶及美容養生法 – 提供傳統秘方
  • 兒童默想法 – 增加集中力及記憶力
  • 音樂治療 – 透過聲波治療開放心靈,進入深層放鬆的狀態
  • 氣功養生 – 結合傳統與科學的療法,透過練習呼吸、簡單動作及默想,潔淨身體及促進「氣」的運行。














重覆5分鐘俯卧 / 10分鐘躺卧的程序三次,每完成一次後休息10分鐘。此建議時間有助達到最佳的療效。







甚麼是負離子? 負離子是空氣中的分子,沙灘、山區、瀑布等地方含有較大量的負離子。在血液裏,負離子可產生生化作用,分解毒素、提高血清素水平、舒緩壓力及增加日間能量。