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Employed targeted therapeutic Chinese Herbal extracts, coupled with highly pure natural plant extracts and cold pressed vegetable oil, natural vitamins that permeates, moisturizes the skin yet retains oxygen. While Chinese Herbal extracts of Baizhi, Atractylodes Macrocephala, Radix Paeoniae, Puncturevine Caltrop, White Silkworm, Bletilla Striata, Chinaroot Greenbrier Rhizome whiten and moisturize skin , inhibit melanin pigmentation, treat acnes and promote healthy and radiant skin. The Whitening Serie is free of artificial colorings, chemicals and preservatives.

採用具針對性療效的中藥萃取精華,配合高純度天然植物精華及冷壓植物油,以現代知識結合傳統研製配方提練之養肌美容品。產品使用具復修功效的高純度精華油、天然維他命及抗氧化物, 能有效滲透、保濕及滋潤皮膚,保持氧份。而中藥萃取精華成份包括白芷、白術、白芍、白蒺藜、白僵蚕、白芨、白茯苓能提升美白、補濕、抑制黑色素、治療暗瘡,並全面改善膚質、迅速回復光澤。此配方不含人造色素、化學添加劑及防腐劑。