Our Origins

The Chain family has a long and prestigious history as medical practitioners of Chinese Medicine. The origins of Chain’s Medicare Centre lie in Ban Chuan Tong (as it was then known) or "萬全堂", first founded during the Qing dynasty in the l8th Century by Chain Chi Tai, who was the Imperial Doctor of Emperor Qianlong. Based in the city of Xiamen in Fujian province, Ban Chuan Tong was well-known throughout China and South East Asia for its excellence in medical care. The medical traditions of Ban Chuan Tong is carried on through Chain’s Medicare Centre by the descendants of Chain Chi Tai. Chain's Medicare Centre is managed by Dr. David Chain who is a professional doctor in western medicine and Mrs. Kelly Chain, a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

Traditions & Beliefs A Vision Today

Eight generations on, Chain’s Medicare Centre vision is to build upon the success of Ban Chuan Tong two decades ago by providing the best possible treatment for patients through the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Western Medicine. It is our belief that the two techniques complement one another and thus provide an ideal course of treatment that cures sickness whilst increasing the resistant, fitness and vitality of the patient.


Traditional Chinese Medicine based

All medical consultation sessions and medical treatments are developed on the traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Chain family while all body and facial treatments in the wellness space are inspired by the similar tradition.

Modern & Effective delivery - One of the most obvious differences between consultation, medication and treatments offered then and today is the delivery of those services. At Chain’s Medicare Centre, you are treated in a comfortable setting with qualified professional doctors, nurses and at times with advance technology equipments to do provide accurate readings, analysis and measurements of your health and body performance.