FivePro Elbow Support FivePro 護肘墊

*With the unique design of the carbon fiber design, the product can emit infrared and heat to different acupuncture points to exert comfort.

*The Japanese hot compress can improve blood circulation, relax stiff joints and muscles.

*The product contains multi-functions, besides improving blood circulation and sooth uncomfortable joints; it can be used as an ice pack for bruising.

*Very easy to wear. The product is powered by a light and handy Smart Battery.

*The product is proven to be very effective toward joint and muscles illnesses by numerous practitioners and physical therapists.

*The idea of the design of this product is a combination of TCM, Western Naturopathic and Japanese hot compress.

*Avoiding taking medicines and injection, this product is very effective in improving blood circulation and alleviating joints’ pain.

Material:1.5mm Neoprene, surface patched with Polyester and Terry. It was then perforated by Micro Laser plastic to improve the breathability. (Filled with carbon fiber yarn)

How it works:Electrons (7.2V) move through the carbon fiber, create temperature between 40 Degree Celsius and 55 Degree Celsius to improve blood cycles. On the other hand, when the temperature of the carbon fiber reach 40 Degree Celsius, carbon fiber will release a far infrared with length ranged from 8µm to 15µm which can increase the speed of ranged from 8µm to 15µm which can increase the speed of metabolism.

*The photo above is simply for reference, the real size of the object is final.


Elbow Support

Indication: Alleviate arm soreness, stiffness and Arthritis.











原材料:1.5 mm Neoprene (活性氯丁橡膠)裱貼 Polyester(縧倫布)及Terry(絲光布),再經鐳射微塑打孔,加强透氣功能。(內藏活性碳纖維絲)








$1,260.00 - $1,800.00