Empress Serpentine Jade Facial Roller慈禧太后美容天然岫玉美容杖

A traditional facial jade roller with anti-ageing properties. The jade roller enhances circulation and metabolism, helps reduce wrinkles and freckles and defies aging of the skin.

According to the Compendium of Materia Medica and Huangdi Nejing, Serpentine assists with healing problems within the heart and lungs and promotes appearance.

It was believed that Empress Dowager Cixi  used the Serpentine Jade Facial Roller as a regime for skin care and a better complexion.

Apply moisturiser and roll the Empress Serpentine Jade Facial Roller to and froth on the face for smooth skin.

Use with Chinese Herbal Extracts to defy wrinkles. For best results, employ the facial roller after facial acupuncture therapy.

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