A TCM Fertility Programme increases your overall health and well being for you and your child. Whether you are planning for a baby, have one on the way, just had one or are having challenges conceiving, our fertility programme will help you harmonise your body, mind and spirit and prepare you for your goal.

The Programme has the following focus.

  • To realign your body, mind and spirit to enable your body to perform its natural functions smoothly.
  • Support women who are on western modalities like IVF, IUI and egg donation
  • We have successfully treated women of different age groups even at 45-50 who are going through menopause, enabling them to become pregnant and carry their pregnancy to term.


無論是計劃生育、產前/後 或有不孕/育的問題,都能幫助調理身心,




  •  以針灸、處方中藥、穴位按摩、能量石治療、筋肌調整等一系列整體療治。
  •  調理身心,確保身體功能運作正常。協助進行人工受孕或卵子捐贈的女性調理身體。
  • 生育療程已成功為不同年齡的女士達到不同的治療目標,有效協助年45-50歲女士成功懷孕。