René Furterer Toning and Densifying Conditioner強韌抗衰老護髮素

René Furterer Toning and Densifying Conditioner強韌抗衰老護髮素

Exceptional deep conditioning for lifeless hair

The incredible long-lasting, creamy texture of the TONUCIA toning and densifying conditioner acts deeply to texturize and restructure hair fibers. From the very first application, this conditioner redensifies hair, restoring bounce.

Ingredient:Wheat microproteins - With their strong affinity for the hair, wheat microproteins have the ability to attach themselves to the hair's surface to protect it like a guardian angel. They coat the hair from root to tip, providing bounce and strength. They repair splits in damaged hair.

Cimentrio - Derived from soya and exceptionally rich in proteins and fats, Cimentrio is a unique natural complex. It restructures and protects the hair and scalp from external damage.

How to use: Apply on hair that has been towel-dried thoroughly, smoothing it through each strand, down the length of your hair to the tips, to fully smooth the hair. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse abundantly until your hair is clean. Frequency of use: 1 to 2 times per week.

Net Weight:100ml

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TONUCIA 強韌抗衰老護髮素質感柔滑,效果卓越持久,能夠深入改善髮質和重建髮根至髮幹,增強密度,為髮身鋪上一層保護層。

成份:小麥蛋白 – 能強化髮幹,可附在髮絲表面,像守護天使般保護頭髮。從髮根至髮尾添上保護膜,令髮絲更富彈性和強韌。可修復受損髮絲的開叉。

Cimentrio - 當中含有神經酰胺、胺基酸及植物膽固醇,是一種獨特的天然複合物,可增加髮幹直徑,並保護髮絲及頭皮免受外來傷害。


淨重: 100ml


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