Le Soap House Bar Soap家事皂

Function:Fruits and vegetables, Mike bottles, Dishes, Clothes.

All natural Ingredients: Coconut oil, Canola oil, Coffee bean.

Net Weight:+/- 200g

*The photo above is simply for reference, the real size of the object is final.


我們每個人都能為保護和關愛地球做一點事。 ‘家事皂’ 由家做起⋯⋯每天家務工作離不開洗碗筷,蔬菜和衣服等等 House Bar Soap 它是全天然成份,不會傷害皮膚又不會污染地球環境!

House Bar Soap 用途廣泛,可作清洗蔬果、奶瓶、碗碟及衣物之用。


淨重: 約200g




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